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Heroin Anonymous

Upcoming Heroin Anonymous Meetings

Confidential and Open To All

A 12-step support group for those recovering from drug addictions. One of the oldest groups in Milwaukee, held at the Street Level of Summerfield United Methodist Church.

Heroin Anonymous are global, community-based organizations with a multi-lingual and multicultural membership. We offer recovery from the effects of addiction through working a twelve-step program, including regular attendance at group meetings.

The group atmosphere provides help from peers. The group offers an ongoing support network for addicts who wish to pursue and maintain a drug-free lifestyle.

Membership is free. We have no affiliation with any organizations outside of Heroin Anonymous including governments, religions, law enforcement groups, or medical and psychiatric associations. Through all of our service efforts and our cooperation with others seeking to help addicts, we strive to reach a day when every addict in the world has an opportunity to experience our message of recovery in his or her own language and culture.

A image of a stained glass window inside the church.