Think Greater

Each year at Summerfield, we reflect on the experiences, ministries and programs we can offer to our community, and to our world that help people know the love of God and the power of God’s Holy Spirit through a relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe that God doesn’t call us to simply live “good” lives, but God calls us to live exceptional lives that produce great results. Truly, we are called to “live, give, and love… beyond all expectation!”

In the Gospel of John, chapter 14, verse 12, Jesus says to his followers, “Very truly, I tell you, the one who believes in me will also do the works that I do and, in fact, will do greater works than these, because I go to the Father.” (NRSV) This is an amazing invitation to “Think Greater!” Can you imagine doing greater works than Jesus? Can you envision Summerfield doing greater works? We believe that if every one of us makes a commitment – not just to do a little, not just to do “good,” but to do and give the very best we can – we can think greater, do greater, and be greater than we have ever been before.

Beginning on September 30, 2012, we will take a six-week journey together to explore what it might mean to live into the challenge of John 14:12. Throughout the month of October we will focus on the stewardship of our lives, our resources, and our relationships as areas where we can “think greater” – as individuals and as community in Christ. On November 4, we will celebrate together our commitment to support and engage in the “greater” work our congregation can accomplish in the coming year. We will have opportunities to covenant together how we will “live, give, and love… beyond all expectation” in a very special consecration worship service.

This letter is an invitation to do three things in preparation for our “Think Greater” stewardship campaign. First, we ask that you pray daily for your congregation and the experiences, ministries and programs we provide. Second, we ask that you pray daily for a vision of God’s will for our church – what does God want us to do and be? And, third, we ask you to pray about how you can “think greater,” and where you can increase your commitment to and engagement in the experiences, ministries and programs of our congregation.

This is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on our relationship with God, with Jesus the Christ, and to consider how God’s Holy Spirit is at work within us to help us become the church God wants us to be. Please plan to be present at all the worship services and special programs designed to help us “Think Greater!”