The Fantasy Life

March 12, 2012

My oldest son asked me this evening what I would think if we lived in the world of Star Wars or Harry Potter.  I think it is normal for people to fantasize about “what if” scenarios.  Daphne Du Maurier’s classic book “The Scapegoat” is about a man who stumbles into the life of someone else who looks exactly like him, and so is expected to behave like that other person.  Because it is not really his life, he is free of all the preconceived ideas, hurt feelings, and ruts that his double was burdened by.  He is blessed with what we all sometimes yearn for – a whole different life.

God wants us to have a whole different life.  That is what the Easter promise of resurrection is all about.  As we journey closer and closer to the celebration of Easter we become more keenly aware that God is doing something.  It’s not just the longer daylight in the evenings or the crocuses that can be found blooming already.  But spring is a powerful reminder that God truly does make all things new.  God yearns though to make much more dramatic and meaningful things new – for every one of us. God, when given the opportunity can take the things that seem to be most profoundly stuck with us and transform them.  The way we look at ourselves, the way we relate to others, the places in which we find pleasure and satisfaction.  God can change those things too.  Look back over your life.  Are you the same now that you were twenty years ago?  If so, you may need to let God penetrate you a little deeper.  If not, how have you changed?  Has it been growth and transformation or has it been aging and wearing?

There is an old Sunday School song, “He’s Still Workin’ on Me”.  It is about how we are a work in progress.  However, if we have not made progress, we’re not accepting the life-changing opportunities that God is giving us.  All of us can be more, be better, shrug off our old dysfunctional habits like a butterfly shrugging off the chrysalis.  All of our coping mechanisms had a purpose at one time, just like the caterpillar needed the chrysalis for metamorphosis.  But now that it has attained butterflyhood the chrysalis is a burden.  We don’t need to keep our old tools either, if we are allowing God to grow us closer and closer to the perfect beings we were created to be.  Go ahead, fantasize about your perfect life.  Now pray.  Find what is holding back, it’s not God.  God is trying, waiting to grow you into your own perfection.

~ Pastor Jennifer