Taking the Plunge

March 27, 2012

What keeps us from taking the plunge?  Why is it so intimidating to even imagine something different?  I’ve had jobs I’ve stayed too long at, opportunities I haven’t taken advantage of, a marriage I was terrified to see end, and lots of other transitions that I built up in my head as being much bigger than they really were.  Why is the unknown so intimidating? 

One issue of course is familiarity.  We even have the expression in English, “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know”.  That of course presupposes that whatever our option B is, it is just as bad as the current state of affairs, just in a different way.  Most of us humans just do not embrace change. 

That’s really too bad.  Nothing is meant to stay the same.  Life is in a constant state of flux.  Just because we are comfortable (or familiar with our particular state of misery) right now, does not mean that we cannot be comfortable if pieces of our life change.  That change we are dreading may even reduce some of our misery or increase our joy.  God created every single thing to change.  The universe is expanding, biological organisms grow, all of life is evolving.  Change is really the norm.  We cannot look at a job or a church or a relationship and expect it to stay the same.  If it did, it would undoubtedly be broken beyond repair – dead. 

Part of our faith walk through Lent is to prepare ourselves for the reality of resurrection.  Resurrection is about the biggest change imaginable.  And yet even in that we have assurance that some things will stay the same.  Jesus friends could recognize him after the resurrection, so there will remain in us something that is the same.  We will still know God.  Humans are widely accepted to fear death.  I’ve even watched steadfast Christians who had a hard time letting go of earthly life.  Maybe it is not the death we Christians fear.  Maybe it is the resurrection.  Maybe life being better is just too much for us to fathom.  Because we can’t comprehend we fear.  We’re not ready, we want to push it off.  We want to make excuses as to why the opportunity before us is not really adequate.  In life, in death, in resurrection – we people of faith need to start trusting.  I heard someone say recently, “lesser people than you have faced problems bigger than this and survived”.  Be a survivor.  Embrace the change that is upon you.  It is a gift from God.  It is a resurrected life. 

~ Pastor Jennifer