Surrendering Fear

March 22, 2012

Surrendering our fears is hard.  If love is an undulating raft that we float upon, sometimes it feels like that raft is an ice burg, melting out from under us.  We are afraid: that love will not last, that we are not enough, that we do not have enough.  How do we overcome this deep-seated fear and step forward into the life that God wants for us? 

Jesus preached to his followers about being like a grain of wheat.  We can hang on to the head of wheat, forever a part of that which we came from.  If we do that, we never fulfill our destiny, though.  We will ultimately rot on the same plant that we came from, never having done what we were meant for.  For the grain of wheat to fulfill its purpose it must let go.  Only once it releases itself from its former place will it fall into the soil and grow a whole new plant. 

God is waiting for us to let go.  Jesus uses so many symbols and metaphors (and even real-life experiences) to show us that.  Think of Peter stepping out of the boat and walking on water with Jesus.  He was scared!  Releasing ourselves into the full care of God is scary.  But if you look at people who are much more obviously controlled by their fears (take for example an agoraphobic who will not leave their apartment), we see that allowing fear to be the deciding factor in our lives is wasteful.  It wastes all of the potential that God has put inside of us. 

God may not be calling you to walk on water, and stepping outside of your apartment may not be a challenge.  There is something though that you are afraid of.  We are all afraid.  I think what some of us fear more than anything is succeeding at being everything God wants us to be.  We fear that power that God has placed inside of us.  We fear that we truly could make a difference in the world.  We fear being hurt by other people, being rejected, not being loved, or having our hearts broken after we dare to love. 

God created us all to be incredibly powerful.  God wants us to influence and change, but we can’t do it until we let go.  We have to let go of that mother plant that we are so tenaciously hanging on to so that we can manifest ourselves as true carriers of the Holy Spirit – people blessed and gifted.  Those to whom much has been given, much is expected.  Fulfill God’s expectations! 

~ Pastor Jennifer