March 9, 2012

She says I am the one… I’m singing Billie Jean in my head because I was just reading about the Michael Jackson Cirque de Soleil show that is coming to Milwaukee next weekend.  It makes me think of God though.  Think of just that one line of the song, “She says I am the one.”  Isn’t it a sacredly beautiful thing to have someone like that in your life?  She says I am the one – someone who think you are it.  It could be a spouse or child, even a best friend.  Regardless of who, someone who thinks you are their one.

God feels this way about all of us.  I don’t mean that to make it feel generic, like we all measure up the same.  I mean that God knows each of us so intimately, that God can comprehend what is truly unique and sacred about each and every human on earth.  This makes me think of the story of Job.  God and the devil were having a conversation about a human (sort of sounds like the beginning of a joke…) and God knew Job so intimately he could provide expert witness to the devil on what was going to happen.  What if God knows us all that way?  What if when asked about me or you, God doesn’t have to consult his personnel records?  What if he just knows and can name every one of our best qualities and make us sound like a person anybody would be blessed to know?

I don’t mean to make it sound as if God sees us solely through rose-colored glasses.  I just think God knows.  God knows the good and understands the bad.  And God loves us both because of and despite those things.  I think we often talk about God’s love as if it is just a blanket over every person, or at a minimum every believer.  But what if God has special love for each individual?  What if the reasons God loves me are completely different than the reasons God loves you?  What if instead of God’s love being one gigantic blanket covering the entire planet (with some of us left cold and others hot, some with feet hanging out from the edges) it is a special swaddling, custom made for each person?  What if God’s love for me isn’t just because God loves everybody (duh, it’s God’s job sort of attitude) but rather because of what I am?  If God made all of us, that means there is a piece of God in all of us.  I always thought that that meant that we each had the same glowing coal keeping our hearts warm.  But what if it means we each have a separate piece of God?  What does that mean for us?  We each have to show our piece or the whole will never be revealed.

~ Pastor Jennifer