Am I really welcome at Summerfield UMC?

Yes. You are welcome here, without question.

What about the LGBT community?

The Summerfield UMC congregation has a 160+ history, beginning with the Abolitionist Movement before the Civil War. One of our core values is a commitment to an open table.

We welcome the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered community.

We believe God’s desire to reconcile is so great that all are welcome and invited as we are. You need not be a member of Summerfield or the Methodist Church to attend our worship service or take part in Communion.

We ask that you come with the intention to live in peace with God and your neighbors.

While the current doctrine policy in the United Methodist Church does not yet allow for clergy to officiate at union ceremonies, and does not yet ordain openly gay and lesbian clergy, Summerfield Methodist Church is working to overcome this hardship in many ways.

At Summerfield UMC, we are:

– Recognizing there are many whose conscience has them stand in differing places, but we aim to be in respectful dialogue,

– Raising a group that offers a ministry of support, advocacy, and faith formation,

– Teaching in our Bible studies the real context of scripture, and that God does not call us to hate,

– Offering provocative, inspiring worship services aimed to help you live a life of balance–faith that is tended inwardly and lived outwardly.