Leap Out!

February 29, 2012

Leap day – leap out.  Just so you know, in my head “leap out” was sung to the tune of “Freak Out”.  So, let’s do it again together – “leap out!”  That’s better.  What is freaking you out in your life right now?  Is it a revelation you have had about yourself?  A truth someone spoke to you in a way you hadn’t heard before?  A new way of seeing?  Of course in the world there are plenty of things we can freak out about – school shootings, elections, the Catholic hurch battling the government about birth control…

I’m more interested though in those things which are intimately personal to us.  I think sometimes God freaks us out to call attention to something we need to change or improve, possibly an area to grow or take control of.  That is when we are called to leap out.  What better time to leap out in faith than leap day – that once-every-four-years opportunity to be or do something totally out of our norm.

Sometimes we work so hard to change things that are beyond our control.  We find that we are banging our head against the wall, seeing no results.  The plain truth is there is very little we can do to change other people.  The place we have the most power is ourselves.  We can grow ourselves in all kinds of directions, but when we turn to God and leap out in faith we can grow into the manifestation of God’s perfect promise for what we can be.

Leap out – do something radically different.  Change that thing which you most hate about yourself.  Try that thing you have been most avoiding.  Reach out a hand, build a relationship, go where you are afraid.  Until we come to terms with the ways in which we are failing or unhappy, our perspective on others is never going to change.  Even if those people are growing, our ability to see it will be clouded by our own little idiosyncrasies causing us to continue to freak out about that which really isn’t our problem.

I guess ultimately we all choose – freak out or leap out.  I think leaping out in faith is a much better choice than freaking out in despair.  It places us in the hands of God instead of in the hands of darkness.  It gets us moving in a positive direction instead of stewing in our own juices.  It gives us the opportunity to see the good in ourselves instead of the bad in others.  Make today the day you leap out.  Be strong and of good courage – God is with us.

~ Pastor Jennifer