Kitchen passes inspection!

February 23, 2012

If you asked me this morning, I would never have guessed what was going to happen today. As one way of making the best use of our resources possible, we are in the processes of applying to Feeding America for the opportunity to purchase food for nineteen cents per pound for the meal program. The part of this application that seemed like it would definitely be the biggest stumbling block for Summerfield was to have a Food Safety & Handling Certification. I contacted the city health department about this and learned that we had to have an inspection for this. Because our kitchen is old, I (and everyone involved) believed that the point of the inspection was to get a long list of things that had to be fixed and then we could assess whether those improvements were attainable within 60 days to make the Feeding America application deadline.

Well, I could not attend the inspection because I had to be at my son’s school. One of our meal program directors said he would take care of it. He called me 38 minutes after the commencement of the inspection and said…. “we passed the inspection!” I could not believe it!!!!!!!

The point of this long story is that God is continually working. When we step out in faith, God responds. God does not give a congregation the desire to feed the hungry and homeless in their neighborhood and then when they respond in faith fail to walk in partnership with that congregation. Where there is the will of God, there is a way.

Summerfield has taken some pretty big risks in the last few years. Our roof was failing and we were told it would cost a quarter of a million dollars to replace it. We were overwhelmed – a price way out of our league. Eventually we stepped out in faith and made it happen – only for a tenth of that price. We started this meal program with no funding in place, in a space that has suffered significant water damage. But we relied on God. God helped us build partnerships, God gave courage to people to lead, God placed this need upon the hearts of others in a position to give. God is using us collectively. God is using many of us individually. My prayer for you is that you feel God filling your life with purpose, and then that you have the courage to step out in faith and make your life the glorious success that God intended you to be.

~ Pastor Jennifer