Jesus is Bigger than all my Problems

April 3, 2012

Election Day.  Elections tend to make us hopeful for the future while at the same time heightening our awareness of our perceived problems.  However, no matter how large our problems may seem, political or otherwise, we can be assured that Jesus is bigger than our problems.  At the time that Jesus was hanging on the cross, the sky actually turned black for three hours, starting at noon.  Many people argue that the miracles found in the Bible are not literally true or that there are rational scientific explanations for them.  Now I do not believe that every part of the Bible is literally true, but I do believe that miracles happen all the time.  I believe that God is immensely and infinitely powerful.  I also believe that God does not always answer our wishes and prayers in quite the glamorous way that we might choose, but that does not mean that God cannot or even does not perform miracles.

One of the primary tenets of monotheism is that God is omnipotent (all powerful).  We also believe that God is all loving.  Those two beliefs can be very hard to reconcile when we live in a world full of suffering, poverty, disaster, famine, and disease.  If God really loves us and God really has power then WHY?  Why is there so much suffering in the world?  I can’t give any better explanation than you can probably come up with on your own – God provides free will, people make poor choices, we suffer.  It’s lame I know.  We want a life that is easy and pain-free.  We don’t want to suffer ourselves and we don’t want to experience guilt about others who suffer so much more than we do.  I sincerely believe though that God has a plan that is larger and more detailed than we could ever imagine.  I believe that in many cases when we journey through tremendous suffering we grow ourselves, we grow in our faith, and we grow in our ability to serve others.  And, as we suffer through the tragedy and pain of human existence we grow in our ability to appreciate joy, health, love, and blessing.

Jesus is bigger than all our problems.  That doesn’t mean that they will be solved in the way we wish, but it does mean that we have a companion and a champion through it all.  We can release worry and regret, knowing that God will equip us and has forgiven us.  Just as we often think that one vote does not matter, I’m sure we also think (at least at times) that our prayers do not amount to much nor that our actions have much impact on the world.  NOT – God created us to be powerful, we must use that power.

~ Pastor Jennifer