I’m saving room

March 11, 2012

I’m saving room.  What is the first thing you would be talking about if you said that?  I’m saving room for dessert.  I’m saving room by putting these two things in the same container in the refrigerator.  I’m saving room on the shelf for when I get…  What about saving room in our lives or in our hearts?  I think on one hand we don’t need to save room because God always provides us with the perfect amount of what we need.  On the other hand, I think we often fill ourselves with so much junk that we don’t have space left for that which we truly need.

We were talking this evening at our young adult gathering about having mental space for God to get in.  When we are constantly occupied with phones or music or computers – it doesn’t even have to be something external it could be worry or mental list-making, we don’t allow ourselves the opportunity to be open to communion with the Holy Spirit.  Maybe we do need to make room, scheduling an openness in our existence for God.

My prayer life has taken many different shapes over the course of my life.  There have been times when I had ample aloneness and so prayer was really just a constant conversation with God.  It still is to some extent, but my life is so full of chatter right now – kids, church, husband – there is always another thing screaming for attention.  Since we began the Midnight Milers and I have been running I have found that the 12 minutes I spend running each day is an intensely powerful time for prayer.  And in the 19 days that I have been blogging, the writing has been in many ways an exercise in prayer.  I am reading “The Help” right now and one of the main characters writes all of her prayers.  It is a discipline for her, and a time that is set aside specifically for communication with God.

Maybe we all need to make more room.  If we were diligent about scheduling time for God and then honoring that commitment with mental and spiritual presence we would experience a new depth and breadth to communication with God that allowed us to fully participate in some of the nuance of relationship that we are currently missing out on.  God wants us to be filled, but with the right stuff.  If we don’t have room for God, perhaps it is because we haven’t made room.  Set something aside, make time, and be in God.

~ Pastor Jennifer