Feeling insecure?

February 27, 2012

Insecurity is a terrible waste of resources.  It causes us to struggle against other people and with ourselves instead of stepping out boldly in faith and claiming the person that God created us to be.  When we find ourselves criticizing others or instigating arguments, insecurity is often the case.  Because we feel that we are not personally good enough, or we are not smart enough, or we aren’t young enough we pick apart those around us to make ourselves feel adequate.  This is detrimental to others and to ourselves.

The Bible is clear that we need to be about the business of lifting one another up.  You may be familiar with the passage that talks about us all being members of the same body, and that the ear cannot say to the eye, “I don’t need you”.  This is used as a way of explaining to us how much we need each other to function as a fully empowered community.

Hallelujah!  There are jobs that I am terrible at, but God has provided others that excel in those areas.  There are jobs that I hate, but God has provided others that love them.  I don’t have to steal somebody else’s place because I know that I have my own.  When we each become aware of our gifts we can just use those gifts and know that we are glorifying God without worry about who else is doing what.

If you are feeling insecure, stop comparing yourself to any kind of external measure.  Success is about what we do with what we have.  Things do not stay the same, situations evolve, some gifts blossom and others fade.  We cannot expect to always fill the same niche, but we can be assured that God will always have a niche for us.

One of the glorious things about the intricacy of God’s creation is that the pieces fit.  When we have a need, God provides a way for that need to be met.  When we have something to give, God provides a way to give it.  It is sort of a vast economy of blessings.  You may feel like you are not fitting into a place or situation the way you used to, but that is okay.  There is a new way to fit.  You may have to turn the piece a little bit – stretch, grow, tolerate, accept – but it will click right into place.  God’s creation is ongoing.  We can be assured that we will always find the perfect fit.

~ Pastor Jennifer