Experiencing God

March 3, 2012

There is a person at Summerfield who says that music is God’s purest language because words don’t get in the way.  Music does have amazing power to manipulate our mood and thoughts, to take us to a different place, and to make our spirits soar.  I’m not entirely certain it is the one and only purest language, it may have ties that also do not utilize the limited vocabulary of words.  I think God speaks to us in a similar way through nature:  the beauty of snow heavy on trees, the wonder of spring’s blossoms bursting forth, the sultry closeness of a humid summer’s night, the intimacy of thick fog.  I think food is a language of God’s, and an art that can feed the body as well as the soul.  I think God reveals truth to us through love and relationships and physical touch.  I think that God breaks through to us via the joy of laughter and the pain of tears.  So many ways that God speaks…

If you stilled yourself right now, turning off those racing thoughts which are preparing your next project, responding to crises, or plotting your revenge; how many ways could you experience God without changing anything external?  If you really opened yourself right now to just the ways God is available to you in this very instant, what would you find?  Is God desperate for your attention, showing off all around you?

What if we took it to an entirely different level and planned for ourselves a wonderful date with God? What would you do to set the tone for the date?  What would you want to do with your time together?  My husband and I find that with our schedules and almost our every moment filled with kids and work and church, time with just us is at a premium.  We have learned to use it wisely.  Do we make time for God in the same way?  I’m not talking about being at church.  I mean time alone, just you and God.  What would you want to talk about?  What would you want to see, or eat, or do?  Where would you go?

God wants us so badly.  That is why there are so many ways of encountering God.  God created us for pleasure, for company.  Do we turn to God expecting to receive those things?  Is God fun, the perfect date?  In any relationship we get out of it what we put in to it.  That is as much the case with God as with a human.  If you are not satisfied, it is because you are not investing.  Invest!

 ~ Pastor Jennifer