Computer Labs

On Saturday, May 3rd, Summerfield UMC will launch two new computer labs.

The first will be in support of our Meal Outreach. This technology will allow the needy of Milwaukee to utilize resources that they normally have limited access to, such as job searches, connecting with family via eMail, and exploring educational opportunities.

The second is the Samuel Fallows Multimedia Center at Summerfield UMC. It  is a research and computer lab that is open to the public, offering digital and print resources. These materials reinforce Summerfield ministries, such as audio sermon series, Bible commentaries, concordances and reference materials, as well as literature about Christian living.

We would like to thank our partners Project: Community Computers for their donation of equipment and training. We are grateful for their support. |

Project: Community Computers Reducing e-waste through education and charity

Project:CC is a group which recycles old computers and reduces e-waste by reloading them with Open Source Software and donating the computers to communities in need.

Project:CC is based out of Milwaukee but we have donated computers and set up labs around Wisconsin and the developing world. Our Milwaukee School of Engineering Student Chapter is currently our most active group.

Now all computer or monetary donations are tax-deductible.

We always work with other non-profits and community groups to have a sustainable way of providing technology to those who wouldn’t otherwise have it.

Everyday, thousands of functional computers are sent to the landfill. Sadly, most of the computers are still usable, just maybe not for their initial intended purpose in business or education. Project Community Computers takes these computers that are deemed useless by their purchasers, fixes them up and distributes them to people in need who can’t afford a new computer. We then educate the recipient on how to use the computer, thus reducing e-waste through education and charity.