Pastor Bios

Bio: Frank Hudson

For many years Mr. Hudson was caretaker of Summerfield church, living in the building immediately north of the church. He had never married, lived frugally and saved a considerable amount of money. At the time of his death in 1939, he showed his love for Summerfield by leaving $10,000 to pa the mortgage on the […]

Bio: Rev. S.C. Thomas

S. C. Thomas, served: 1852 + 1855 – 1857 + 1861 – 1863 Bro. Thomas entered the Erie Conference in 1842, and before coming to Wisconsin in 1851, had served five appointments, and two years as Agt. of Allegheny College. In Wisconsin he has served Spring Street, Jackson St. and Summerfield in Milwaukee; Platteville, Lyons, […]

Bio: Rev. T. M. Eddy

Rev. Thomas M. Eddy D.D., served: (unknown) Son of Augustus Eddy, was born near Cincinnati in died in New York in 1874. He was baptized by Bishop McKendree, and at eleven years of age, united with the Methodist Episcopal church. At nineteen he entered the Indiana Conference, where, in the pastorate and presiding eldership, he […]

Bio: Rev. J. Brooks

Rev. Jabez Brooks, served: 1853 – 1854 Was born Sept. 18th,1823, was converted at the age of twelve. Was licensed to preach in 1846 on Lighthouse Point Circuit, Ill., Rock River Conference; Rev. Luke Hitchcock, Presiding Elder. Was ordained local Deacon by Bishop Waugh at Waukesha, Wis. in 1851. Joined Wis. Conference at Baraboo in […]

Bio: Rev. H. C. Tiltion

Rev. Hezekiah Chase Tiltion A.M., served: 1857 – 1859 He was born in Albion, ME. Aug. 30, 1818; died in Janesville, Wis., March 20, 1879. He entered the ministry and the Maine Conference in the spring of 1841. In 1857 he removed to Wis. Conference, Summerfield being his first charge in this State. He served […]

Bio: Rev. E. Cooke

Rev. Edward Cooke, D.D., Served: 1859 – 1860 Born Jan. 19, 1812, in Bethlehem, Grafton Co., N.Y. Was converted and joined the Methodist Episcopal Church at the age of sixteen. Prepared for College at the Maine Wesleyan Seminary, Kents Hill, having as fellow students, Davis W. Clarke, Joseph Cummings, George Lakin, Timothy O. Howe and […]

Bio: Rev. J. E. Wilson

Rev. James Emmett Wilson, served: 1860 – 1861 Was, to my youthful imagination, the model Methodist preacher. Nearly six feet tall, with large, well proportioned frame; with graceful movement and commanding presence, with a dark, flashing eye and beaming face; with a rich, muscular voice, trained to express all shades of feeling; with a logical […]

Bio: Rev. P. B. Pease

Rev. Phineas B. Pease, served: 1863 – 1865 Died at his home in Fort Atkinson, Wis. on the 10th. of Nov. 1881, in sure hope of a glorious resurrection. He was born of Christian parents at Lee, Mass. They moved to Ohio when he was twelve years old. He was soundly converted to God at […]

Bio: Rev. S. Fallows

The Right Rev. Samuel Fallows D.D., served: 1865 – 1868 Was born in Manchester, England, in 1855. Came to this country in 1848, and settled in Wisconsin. He graduated at the University of Wisconsin in 1859. He was elected Vice-President of Gainsville Univ., and remained there two years, when he entered the ministry of the […]

Bio: Rev. H. S. White

Rev. Henry Summer White, served: 1868 – 1869 Was born in North Hoosick, Renssalaer Co., N.Y., April 7th, 1828. He was converted when he was fifteen, and joined the Methodist Episcopal Church. He graduated at the Biblical Institute Concord, N.H., in the class of 1852. He then joined the Providence Conference. In January, 1865, he […]

Bio: Rev: J. Hill

Rev. John Hill, served: 1869 – 1871 Was born in the county of Downe, near Belfast, Ireland, Jan. 14, 1834, and died in Milwaukee May 1st., 1872. His parents were devout members of the Episcopal Church, and with their children came to this country and settled near Bristol, Ind. in 1846. They both died the […]

Bio: Rev. W. P. Stowe

Rev. William Page Stowe, served: 1871 – 1872 He was of Methodist parentage and of Puritan ancestry. He was born in Haverhill, N.H., and came with his parents to Milwaukee in 1843. He was for a short time a member of the M.E. Sunday school held in the little old church on Martin St. In […]

Bio: Rev. O. B. Thayer

Rev Oscar B. Thayer, served: 1872 – 1874 Mr. Thayer was brought up and educated in the Epis. Church, and preached in that denomination for several years. He joined Wis. Con. and was appointed to Summerfield Church in 1873. Was here two years. During his pastorate, our piano was purchased. This was quite an event […]

Bio: Rev. C. F. Stowers

Rev. C. F. Stowers, served: 1874 – 1875 Was born Sept. 24th, 1855 in Prospect, ME. The families of both his father and mother were members of the Orthodox Congregational church. He was carefully reared in a religious home where an educated Christian character was considered the “chief end of man”. He enjoyed also the […]

Bio: Rev. S. N. Griffith

Rev. Samuel Newell Griffith, served: 1875 – 1877 Born in Pike, Wyoming Co., N.Y., May 12,1853. His father was a Methodist and his mother a Presbyterian. He was consecrated to God in Baptism in infancy, and named after a Missionary. His earliest impressions were religious, and he loved the Lord with great fervency in childhood. […]

Bio: Rev. O. J. Cowels

Rev. O. J. Cowels D.D., served: 1877 – 1880 He was born at New Haven, Conn.,Oct. 31, 1836. Removed to Iowa 1853. Joined the Methodist Episcopal Church in Dubuque, Iowa, 1855. Graduated from Cornell College 1860; from Garrett Biblical Institute 1865. Joined the Wisconsin Conference and remained till 1880, being in Summerfield the last three […]

Bio: Rev. J. E. Gilbert

Rev. James E. Gilbert D.D., served: 1880 – 1883 Born Dec. 20, 1859, in Alexander, Genesse Co., N.Y. His father and mother were of New England stock. The family removed to Buffalo, and this son had the advantage of the public schools,and passed through all grades, and graduated at the High School, and entered Genesee […]

Bio: Rev. O. A. Curtis

Rev. Olin A. Curtis D.D., served: 1883 – 1886 Was born Dec. 10, 1850 at Frankfort, Maine. His father was a member of the E. Maine Conference. The family moved to Wisconsin at the breaking out of the Civil War, and his father joined the Wisconsin Conference. He attended the Grammar and High Schools in […]

Bio: Rev. E. G. Updike

Rev. E. G. Updike, served: 1886 – 1889 Was born in Enfield, Tompkins Co., N.Y.,Nov. 18th, 1850. He came with his parents to Wisconsin in l854,and lived near Waupun till 1870. He attended Wayland University, Beaver Dam, Wis. in 1870. Entered Lawrence University 1871, remained till graduation, 1875; spent one year at the Garrett Biblical […]

Bio: Rev. J. G. Bissett

John G. Bissett, served: 1967 – 1969 John was born in Clydebank, Scotland, Sept. 28, 1930, the son of John and Theresa Owens Bissett. In 1947, John immigrated with his family to the United States, settling in Chicago. While in Chicago, John was active in the Salvation Army. It is there that he met Shirley […]