Bio: Rev. C. F. Stowers

Rev. C. F. Stowers, served: 1874 – 1875 Was born Sept. 24th, 1855 in Prospect, ME. The families of both his father and mother were members of the Orthodox Congregational church. He was carefully reared in a religious home where an educated Christian character was considered the “chief end of man”. He enjoyed also the […]

Bio: Rev. S. N. Griffith

Rev. Samuel Newell Griffith, served: 1875 – 1877 Born in Pike, Wyoming Co., N.Y., May 12,1853. His father was a Methodist and his mother a Presbyterian. He was consecrated to God in Baptism in infancy, and named after a Missionary. His earliest impressions were religious, and he loved the Lord with great fervency in childhood. […]

Bio: Rev. O. J. Cowels

Rev. O. J. Cowels D.D., served: 1877 – 1880 He was born at New Haven, Conn.,Oct. 31, 1836. Removed to Iowa 1853. Joined the Methodist Episcopal Church in Dubuque, Iowa, 1855. Graduated from Cornell College 1860; from Garrett Biblical Institute 1865. Joined the Wisconsin Conference and remained till 1880, being in Summerfield the last three […]

Bio: Rev. J. E. Gilbert

Rev. James E. Gilbert D.D., served: 1880 – 1883 Born Dec. 20, 1859, in Alexander, Genesse Co., N.Y. His father and mother were of New England stock. The family removed to Buffalo, and this son had the advantage of the public schools,and passed through all grades, and graduated at the High School, and entered Genesee […]

Bio: Rev. O. A. Curtis

Rev. Olin A. Curtis D.D., served: 1883 – 1886 Was born Dec. 10, 1850 at Frankfort, Maine. His father was a member of the E. Maine Conference. The family moved to Wisconsin at the breaking out of the Civil War, and his father joined the Wisconsin Conference. He attended the Grammar and High Schools in […]

Bio: Rev. E. G. Updike

Rev. E. G. Updike, served: 1886 – 1889 Was born in Enfield, Tompkins Co., N.Y.,Nov. 18th, 1850. He came with his parents to Wisconsin in l854,and lived near Waupun till 1870. He attended Wayland University, Beaver Dam, Wis. in 1870. Entered Lawrence University 1871, remained till graduation, 1875; spent one year at the Garrett Biblical […]

Bio: Rev. J. G. Bissett

John G. Bissett, served: 1967 – 1969 John was born in Clydebank, Scotland, Sept. 28, 1930, the son of John and Theresa Owens Bissett. In 1947, John immigrated with his family to the United States, settling in Chicago. While in Chicago, John was active in the Salvation Army. It is there that he met Shirley […]