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Service Times Cappuccino Roundtable – 8:30 am. Come to discuss the theme and key readings from the week’s traditional service, how they apply to our lives individually, and enjoy fellowship over a cup of coffee. Traditional Worship Service – 9:30am. Please come in and join us for a traditional service including music, scripture and sermon. […]

Kitchen Remodel

On January 8, 2014 Summerfield UMC will begin a remodel of our kitchen. This modest project will upgrade our facility to meet city code for the expansion of our Meal Outreach Program, (which includes a much needed new floor). Thanks to the charitable contribution from an anonymous donor we will be able to serve more […]

Goodwill Industries

History binds Summerfield Methodist Church and Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin. You Donate. We Train. People Work. In 1918, the founder of Goodwill – the Rev. Edgar J. Helms – was invited to speak to a Milwaukee meeting of Methodist men and women, among whom were members of the Gibson adult Sunday School Class of […]

Historic District

Summerfield United Methodist Church is cornerstone member of the Cass / Juneau Avenue Historic District, a designation with the National Register. This is a several block area covering Knapp to Juneau (North – South) and Van Buren to Marshall (East – West), which also includes the complex for All Saints Church. View the Boundary Map

History: Renovation

Summerfield renovated its historic Sanctuary at the beginning of 2013. Removing the century-old lime mortar, reinforced with horsehair, was a major effort because it was two inches of solid concrete by today’s standards. The images presented here are a weekly snapshot of the process and work stages. All the non-panoramic photographs can also be viewed […]

History: Stained Glass

Biddle Street location of Summerfield from 1857 – 1904. Stained Glass Medalians installed with construction in 1856. Even though the Summerfield congregation had moved to the new Juneau Avenue location in 1905, the old church remained until 1940. At that time it was torn down to make room for the widening of Kilbourn Avenue. The […]

History: Bible

There is no oral history or documentation that exists, but Summerfield has a German-language bible from 1855. Due to its age and character, the evidence suggests that it is one of the earliest surviving Bibles used by Summerfield. Ethnic German congregations merged into Summerfield over its long history, so the Bible could have come with […]

Policy: Fundraising

This document explains the principles, policies and procedures surrounding church fundraising in order to help the church practice good stewardship, to act respectfully toward members of the congregation and others who are asked to support the church and its fundraisers, as well as to support the goals of groups which participate in fundraising. Summerfield United […]

History: Timeline

History of Summerfield Church | Download PDF Summerfield Church has a 160 year unbroken history of congregational worship. In serving thousands of people, it has remained a center for social justice and the birthplace of several community institutions. 1852 Summerfield UMC began as a Mission Church of the Spring Street Church (First Church) for Methodists […]

History: Centennial + Sixty

The Biddle Street location served the Summerfield congregation for roughly 50 years, or one-third of its 160 year history, before the final home was founded on Juneau Avenue. View the research paper documenting this location and a historical record of the early church. Includes biographies of early Summerfield Pastors and their pre-Civil War era photo […]

History: The Lord's House

In 1904 the New Summerfield Church was constructed on Juneau Avenue. The Biddle Street congregation moved into their new home in 1905. View the 1903 floorplan of Summerfield UMC, presented to church members in anticipation of the new construction. The pamphlet was prepared by Turnbull & Jones (Church Architects – Elgin, IL).

Info: Wikipedia

Even though this website is the definitive historical resource for Summerfield UMC, we are still proud of our page on Wikipedia. View the publicly documented encyclopedia entry and help contribute to it with facts or corrections. Wikipedia: Summerfield UMC

History: Centennial

View the 100 year anniversary program, celebrating the history, legacy, and future of our ministry, congregation, and community. Summerfield: 1852 – 1952 A Century of Service

Worksheet: SCRIP

Scrip is fundraising for our church while you shop. This program allows congregational members to purchase gift cards to popular local and online stores, like Target, Wallgreens, Kohls,, and iTunes to name a few. A portion of these funds (2% to 16%) are then given to Summerfield UMC to help sponsor ongoing missions and […]

Form: School 2011-2012

To register your child or children for 2011 – 2012 Sunday School, please complete one form per child, and place the form(s) in the “Completed Registration” boxes located on the table outside the office. Sunday School Registration Form

Bible: Online

A FREE mobile and interactive Bible, complete with various translations and in numerous languages (including audio readings). Join the millions of people who read, listen and share God’s Word using this online format. Read from a huge selection of 150+ Bible versions and 200+ plans to help you track your progress.

Info: John Summerfield

In 1857 the name of the Church was to Summerfield. John Summerfield was an Irish Methodist who had attracted world wide fame at that time. John Summerfield, c. 1821-1825, Oil on panel by William Jewett In 1821, John Summerfield, a young Methodist evangelist, arrived in New York from England to preach a gospel of salvation. […]

Bio: Frank Hudson

For many years Mr. Hudson was caretaker of Summerfield church, living in the building immediately north of the church. He had never married, lived frugally and saved a considerable amount of money. At the time of his death in 1939, he showed his love for Summerfield by leaving $10,000 to pa the mortgage on the […]

Bio: Rev. S.C. Thomas

S. C. Thomas, served: 1852 + 1855 – 1857 + 1861 – 1863 Bro. Thomas entered the Erie Conference in 1842, and before coming to Wisconsin in 1851, had served five appointments, and two years as Agt. of Allegheny College. In Wisconsin he has served Spring Street, Jackson St. and Summerfield in Milwaukee; Platteville, Lyons, […]

Bio: Rev. T. M. Eddy

Rev. Thomas M. Eddy D.D., served: (unknown) Son of Augustus Eddy, was born near Cincinnati in died in New York in 1874. He was baptized by Bishop McKendree, and at eleven years of age, united with the Methodist Episcopal church. At nineteen he entered the Indiana Conference, where, in the pastorate and presiding eldership, he […]

Bio: Rev. J. Brooks

Rev. Jabez Brooks, served: 1853 – 1854 Was born Sept. 18th,1823, was converted at the age of twelve. Was licensed to preach in 1846 on Lighthouse Point Circuit, Ill., Rock River Conference; Rev. Luke Hitchcock, Presiding Elder. Was ordained local Deacon by Bishop Waugh at Waukesha, Wis. in 1851. Joined Wis. Conference at Baraboo in […]

Bio: Rev. H. C. Tiltion

Rev. Hezekiah Chase Tiltion A.M., served: 1857 – 1859 He was born in Albion, ME. Aug. 30, 1818; died in Janesville, Wis., March 20, 1879. He entered the ministry and the Maine Conference in the spring of 1841. In 1857 he removed to Wis. Conference, Summerfield being his first charge in this State. He served […]

Bio: Rev. E. Cooke

Rev. Edward Cooke, D.D., Served: 1859 – 1860 Born Jan. 19, 1812, in Bethlehem, Grafton Co., N.Y. Was converted and joined the Methodist Episcopal Church at the age of sixteen. Prepared for College at the Maine Wesleyan Seminary, Kents Hill, having as fellow students, Davis W. Clarke, Joseph Cummings, George Lakin, Timothy O. Howe and […]

Bio: Rev. J. E. Wilson

Rev. James Emmett Wilson, served: 1860 – 1861 Was, to my youthful imagination, the model Methodist preacher. Nearly six feet tall, with large, well proportioned frame; with graceful movement and commanding presence, with a dark, flashing eye and beaming face; with a rich, muscular voice, trained to express all shades of feeling; with a logical […]

Bio: Rev. P. B. Pease

Rev. Phineas B. Pease, served: 1863 – 1865 Died at his home in Fort Atkinson, Wis. on the 10th. of Nov. 1881, in sure hope of a glorious resurrection. He was born of Christian parents at Lee, Mass. They moved to Ohio when he was twelve years old. He was soundly converted to God at […]

Bio: Rev. S. Fallows

The Right Rev. Samuel Fallows D.D., served: 1865 – 1868 Was born in Manchester, England, in 1855. Came to this country in 1848, and settled in Wisconsin. He graduated at the University of Wisconsin in 1859. He was elected Vice-President of Gainsville Univ., and remained there two years, when he entered the ministry of the […]

Bio: Rev. H. S. White

Rev. Henry Summer White, served: 1868 – 1869 Was born in North Hoosick, Renssalaer Co., N.Y., April 7th, 1828. He was converted when he was fifteen, and joined the Methodist Episcopal Church. He graduated at the Biblical Institute Concord, N.H., in the class of 1852. He then joined the Providence Conference. In January, 1865, he […]

Bio: Rev: J. Hill

Rev. John Hill, served: 1869 – 1871 Was born in the county of Downe, near Belfast, Ireland, Jan. 14, 1834, and died in Milwaukee May 1st., 1872. His parents were devout members of the Episcopal Church, and with their children came to this country and settled near Bristol, Ind. in 1846. They both died the […]

Bio: Rev. W. P. Stowe

Rev. William Page Stowe, served: 1871 – 1872 He was of Methodist parentage and of Puritan ancestry. He was born in Haverhill, N.H., and came with his parents to Milwaukee in 1843. He was for a short time a member of the M.E. Sunday school held in the little old church on Martin St. In […]

Bio: Rev. O. B. Thayer

Rev Oscar B. Thayer, served: 1872 – 1874 Mr. Thayer was brought up and educated in the Epis. Church, and preached in that denomination for several years. He joined Wis. Con. and was appointed to Summerfield Church in 1873. Was here two years. During his pastorate, our piano was purchased. This was quite an event […]