Bio: Rev. T. M. Eddy

Rev. Thomas M. Eddy D.D., served: (unknown)

Son of Augustus Eddy, was born near Cincinnati in died in New York in 1874. He was baptized by Bishop McKendree, and at eleven years of age, united with the Methodist Episcopal church. At nineteen he entered the Indiana Conference, where, in the pastorate and presiding eldership, he remained until 1856.

At the age of thirty-three, he was elected Editor of the Northwestern Christian Advocate. In l869, he was transferred to a pastorate in Baltimore, MD., from there to the Metropolitan church at Washington, D.C. The General Conference of 1872, elected him Missionary Secretary, and to this work he devoted the rest of his life.

During his last hours, he most eloquently urged the church to take advance ground in its Missionary work. “Forward is the word”, said he, “no falling back,”. “We must take the world for Christ”. Say to our people, the Lord strikes the hour of opportunity louder than thunder on the dome of the sky”. “We must throw down our gold in the presence of God”. In exulting triumph he passed away,with the words “Sing and pray”, “Eternity dawns”.

Dr. Eddy dedicated the lecture rooms of our church, and about a year afterward the Audience room also, in connection with Bishop Foster. No minister of our church, or Bishop, was so welcome to our pulpit and homes, and none could attract so large an audience among us as he. It was said that the only time in our history when there were five in every pew, was when Dr. Eddy preached.

Mrs. Eddy writes, “I remember Mr. Eddy dedicating your church, and that the Summerfield people he highly esteemed, and felt that among them, he had friends, and I am sure that your kind thought of him now shows that he was not mistaken. I am glad that he is not forgotten.”

– Biography by Ralph Lane Lawrence, 1952