Bio: Rev. S. N. Griffith

Rev. Samuel Newell Griffith, served: 1875 – 1877

Born in Pike, Wyoming Co., N.Y., May 12,1853. His father was a Methodist and his mother a Presbyterian. He was consecrated to God in Baptism in infancy, and named after a Missionary. His earliest impressions were religious, and he loved the Lord with great fervency in childhood. But no opportunity Was given him to join the church.

Dec. 31, 1852 he attended watch night services and began the year 1853 on his knees in prayer. Jan. 2nd. he joined the Methodist Episcopal Church on probation. Jan. 9th. at family worship he received the baptism of the Holy Ghost, and became indeed a child of God. Oct. 6th., 1855, he was licensed to preach, and entered Rock River Conference. He afterward went to College and graduated July 25th., 1861 at Lawrence University. He held the position of Professor of Mathematics in his Alma Mater for a year, and then entered Garrett Biblical Institute.

While prosecuting his studies, he supported his family by teaching and preaching. He graduated in 1867, receiving the degree of Bachelor of Divinity. He was engaged in teaching and preaching; within the bounds of the Rock River Conference till 1872, when he was transferred to Michigan Conference and stationed at Kalamazoo. After three years of excellent service, he came to Wisconsin Conference, and to Summerfield church where he spent two years, and accomplished a successful pastorate. In 1884 he joined the Minnesota Conference and afterward the North Dakota, and is now stationed at Casselton for the third year.

– Biography by Ralph Lane Lawrence, 1952