Bio: Rev. O. B. Thayer

Rev Oscar B. Thayer, served: 1872 – 1874

Mr. Thayer was brought up and educated in the Epis. Church, and preached in that denomination for several years. He joined Wis. Con. and was appointed to Summerfield Church in 1873. Was here two years.

During his pastorate, our piano was purchased. This was quite an event in our history, for we were carrying a heavy load of debt, and had it not been for the inspiration he gave us and the co-operation of Mr. Merwin, who led our choir, we would scarcely have thought we could afford so large an outlay.

Mr. Thayer kept up what was called Dime Readings once in two weeks during his pastorate, for this purpose, consisting of Readings, Music and Recitations, all of the very best that could be had from talent in the church and out of it. He prepared the programs himself, and took the care of it, and he was very fastidious as to the quality of the entertainments and the suitability to a sacred place. We date from his administration a thoughtfulness and care as to the kinds of entertainments to be given in a church which we had not had before, for our necessities had been so great for money, that we looked upon this matter rather lightly.

Mr. Thayer was a fine preacher, of dignified and excellent presence in the pulpit, and a good pastor.

His wife and family of four little boys won all hearts. She was a beautiful woman; a lovely Christian character. She had a long illness, and died in our parsonage; the first death
that had occurred there. Only one has occurred since.

– Biography by Ralph Lane Lawrence, 1952