Bio: Rev. C. F. Stowers

Rev. C. F. Stowers, served: 1874 – 1875

Was born Sept. 24th, 1855 in Prospect, ME. The families of both his father and mother were members of the Orthodox Congregational church. He was carefully reared in a religious home where an educated Christian character was considered the “chief end of man”. He enjoyed also the advantage of good,public and select schools, working in the mean time with his father on the farm, or as a young sailor with his kindred on the sea.

At the age of seventeen he attended his first Methodist meeting in Searsport, Me. while engaged as clerk in a business house, ad there he was converted under the ministry of Rev. R.B. Curtis, father of Dr. Olin A. Curtis, and joined the Methodist Episcopal church.

He soon entered the E. Maine Conference Seminary, Bucksport, Maine, having become convinced that it was his duty to preach. He graduated here in 1857, and in the Wes. Univ., Middleton,Conn. in 1860.

He married Miss Eliza L. Bowen, daughter of Rev. Elias Bowen of New York. He held a professorship in Wilbraham Acad., of Churches in Oneida Conference.

After his removal to the West, he was President of Upper Iowa Univ., Prof. of Mathematics at Lawrence Univ., and Pastor of several churches in Wis. Conference.

In 1874 he came to Summerfield. Soon after the close of his pastorate here, he removed to Minnesota, where he has been Pastor Presiding Elder,and is now serving Trinity Church, St. Paul.

He has always been loyal to his church and full of zeal to fill all positions which he has held in the best possible manner, and his life hitherto has been crowned with success.

– Biography by Ralph Lane Lawrence, 1952