Advent Devotion – Day 4

Dear Summerfielders,

Today’s devotion comes to us from Rebekkah Priebe, who grew up at Summerfield and is the Grand daughter of Mabel Byron.

The shining star I think of was the older lady who taught Sunday school to me at Summerfield.

I remember how kind she was. She made us all tote bags and Grandma Byron made us smocks. We learned about the Bible, Jesus, and most importantly how Jesus wants us to treat others.
I never got to attend church every week, but despite this, the lady (I wish I could remember her name!) Always welcomed me back like no time had gone by at all. I look back at those times and wish I could go back.

As a firefighter, I see so much that questions my faith. Those lessons I learned have guided me. It wad in these classes I learned the Golden Rule. And that’s a lesson that is timeless.


Rebekkah Priebe