Advent Devotion – Day 3

Dear Summerfielders,

Praying in color: I had a Sunday School teacher when I was in grade school who was totally outside the mold of all the Sunday School teachers I had had before, who were pretty grandmotherly. Miss Greene was different. She was young, and had long blonde hair. She lived in a condo with a swimming pool. She came to church all by herself, not with kids, husband, or grandchildren. It was almost like she wanted to be there! She was probably the first person that it ever occurred to me attended church voluntarily. From my third-grade perspective it seemed like pretty much everyone else was there out of obligation. But Miss Greene, it seemed didn’t have anyone forcing her to come. She brought color to my faith. Obviously, her name was a color, but it was more than that. She dressed kind of like an 80’s version of a gypsy/hippie. She was youthful in a church full of parents and grandparents. I remember she taught us a prayer using colored ribbons to remind us of things that we could pay attention to in conversation with God. I couldn’t begin to tell you what those were now. And the reason I know she lived in a condo with a swimming pool was she had a Sunday School party at the end of the year at her house at which we bar-b-qued and swam. I had never experienced church like this before. Miss Greene is a shining star to me because just when I was starting to have a lot of intellectual questions about the reality of a lot of Bible and Church stuff, she made it seem like there was more to faith than just believing what you were told. She made it seem like there was something desirable to be gained from being a person of faith. Miss Greene, wherever you went, you made a difference to me. You were right in what you lived. We should be praying in color. Relationship with God is the most colorful experience we can have.

Do you have a shining star in your faith journey? E-mail me your reflection to be included in our Advent devotions. We would love to hear about who made you you.


Pastor Jennifer