Advent Devotion – Day 19

Dear Summerfielders,

A shining star in my faith journey has been the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. To me, he is more than just a day off in January. In fact, part of the reason I chose to attend seminary at Boston University was because that is where Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. became Dr. Martin Luther King, and BU embraces that as part of a long tradition of social justice. I had professors who remembered his time there and referred to him simply as Martin.

He is an inspirer. His “I have a dream speech” was part of a longer sermon, but it is the dreaming part that captivates the imaginations of most Americans. We have dreams too. We dream of a better life in ways that are spiritual and meaningful, not just economic. We dream that the world someday will be just and goodness will prevail. We dream like the prophets of God’s love being so widely accepted by humans that we are all transformed, and the Kingdom of God penetrates every person and institution on earth.

Remember that Advent is waiting not just for the baby Jesus in the manger. It is waiting for God’s complete presence on earth.

I hope to see you continuing to work towards the dream!


Pastor Jennifer