Advent Devotion – Day 16

Dear Summerfielders,

I invite you to read Romans 1: 1-7.
It is written by Paul. Paul, considered by many to be the greatest evangelist of Christian history, should be held up as one of our shining stars this Advent season. In this passage, he talks a lot about being “Called” – Paul makes it sound so simple and straightforward! Three times in the space of his letter’s long first sentence, Paul tosses off the term without hesitation, qualification, or seeming awareness of how debatable his claim might be. Especially since this “call” is supposedly from God, and asserted to apply to his listeners as well, anyone within the reach of Paul’s voice might be pardoned for raising an eyebrow! . . .

Most of us know the story of Paul’s calling. He was knocked off his donkey by the presence of the Holy Spirit, in the form of the resurrected Christ. He spent three days blind and then had his sight restored. He knew from that time on that he was called to serve God by telling every person he could the story of Jesus Christ. He wanted to make disciples for God, and he certainly did – constantly compelled by his sense of calling.

Amid all the pitches that are pressed upon us at this time of the year (Buy this! Give to that!); amid all the internal impulses that surge to consciousness during the days before Christmas (I must have this! I should do that!) – how do we discern to what we are “called,” and by whom?

I encourage you to consider: to what are you being called right now? How can you discern that calling? Is there something as important to you as serving God was to Paul?

Paul was not unique in having a purpose. We are all created for a purpose. Paul was unique in being so eager to live out his purpose. So my prayer for you today is that amid the noise and busyness of the Christmas season, God helps you to hear that still, small voice, calling you to your purpose.


Pastor Jennifer