Advent Devotion – Day 14

Dear Summerfielders,

Today I ask you to consider one of the primary characters in the Christmas story, Joseph. Joseph was willing to adapt his plans to God’s surprising purpose when he found that the woman he was going to marry was pregnant. The birth of the child for whom Joseph was to care was the key to God’s grand plan, of which God’s purpose for each of us is a part.

Joseph could easily have backed out of his engagement to Mary. He chose to follow God’s will and became a committed step-dad. He took care of Mary in her pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Then when they heard that Herod was out to kill all the babies he led his young family to Egypt. He nurtured, protected, and was a role-model who shaped Jesus’ ministry.

I have seen through my second marriage what a difference a good step-dad makes. Many people who are not technically step-parents step into relationships that they did not have to. Often these relationships are messy and time-consuming. And yet, they end up shaping our lives and our hearts. Today we look at Joseph as a shining star who shows us what it means to be truly committed. He shows us that God can have plans for us that we didn’t know anything about. Joseph shows us what we can be for others.


Pastor Jennifer