Adopt a Soldier

  • Forest Home Cemetery offers an Adopt a Soldier or Sailor program for donations for the installation of military headstones.
  • Checks made out to Forest Home Preservation Association Inc. can be sent to Forest Home Cemetery, 2405 W. Forest Home Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 53215
  • Contribution are tax deductible.
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Background Info

During President Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural address, he expressed the need for the Nation to care for those who had borne the battle as well as their widows and orphans. This responsibility did not cease with the passing of those noble veterans. Rather, the torch has been passed to the present generation to remember the men who fought and died to preserve our Union.

It is fitting that each veteran’s final resting place should be marked with dignity. It will be our legacy to ensure that future generations honor their sacrifices.

Those encamped at Forest Home Cemetery in their Eternal Bivouac represent 26 states and all branches of the U.S. military.

Col. John A. Savage, Jr. died of wounds received at Petersburg, VA in 1864. His grave remained unmarked until 2013.