A Real Hero

April 2, 2012

Would you die, for the one you love?  Would you save my soul tonight?  These are lyrics from the Enrique Iglesias song “Hero”.  As we are in the beginning of Holy Week, getting closer and closer to the tragic, mysterious, amazing Good Friday, it seems these are pertinent questions for people of faith.  Would you die for the one you love?  I guess it depends on who the loved one is.  I remember when my oldest son was in liver failure his doctors explaining to us that living donor liver transplantation is really much more dangerous for the donor than for the recipient.  However, when the recipient is dying and the cause is basically unknown except that we have to get a new liver in him, a parent doesn’t really have any choice but to take whatever risk necessary to save their small, sick child.  Is that how God feels about us?

Can God really love me as much as I love my children, and feel that same sense of desperation watching us struggle and fail that parents feel watching the uncontrollable befall their tiny offspring?  My head totally says yes.  And yet, tears come to my eyes considering the possibility.  I think that kind of love is bigger than my heart can hold.  Would I cry if I saw Jesus hanging on the cross?  Would I comprehend that I might be a part of his motivation?  I fear I would cynically walk by and not appreciate the moment I was in the midst of.  It takes my breath away a little bit to allow my heart to imagine that kind of love.  It really is beyond head and mind.  I can recite all the facts but that doesn’t make me feel.  Holy Week, the passion of Jesus Christ, should be something that is experience through the heart and not through the head.

I love to think about God, to try to comprehend, to fathom the unfathomable.  This isn’t about that though.  I need a savior who is willing to stand by me forever.  God has done everything and more than I could ever imagine to show me that I do have that.  I am loved, I am cared for.  My soul has been saved because someone loved me enough to die for me.  Jesus went all the way for me.  For you too, for all of us.  But somehow it is so much more meaningful when we personalize.  God loves me.  Do you feel it?  Do you feel that you were in mind when that awful sacrifice was made on the Friday that set the standard for what is good?  We may not even understand what we were saved from, but that someone loved that much is staggering.  In some way, I was there.  God knew me already then.  I was in the heart and mind of Jesus.

~ Pastor Jennifer