50 Years

The Biddle Street location served the Summerfield congregation for roughly 50 years, or one-third of its 160 year history.

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Summerfield Church was established in 1852 as the Spring Street Church, around Jackson and State streets. In 1854 it was destroyed by fire. The new church was built in 1855 (finished 1858) on the corner of Van Buren an Biddle streets (now Kilbourn Avenue). The name of the church was officially changed to Summerfield in 1857, after John Summerfield (a famous Irish Methodist).

By 1903 the Biddle Street location was considered obsolete and too near to downtown to attract new members. A new location was selected, and the cornerstone was placed on December 5, 1904 (completed in 1905) at 728 E. Juneau Avenue.